Monthly Archives - November 2016

British Women’s Team Epee Championships

Leon Paul Epee entered 2 teams into the British Women’s Epee Team Championships at the weekend.  The girls didn’t let the club down bringing home the Silver and Bronze medals.  Well done to the fencers and coach David on the day. It’s over to the boys next weekend for the Men’s Championship.

Leon Paul Epee 2 – Justine Géroudet, Emily Jeanes, Sam Murray & Mary Cohen (Silver)

Leon Paul Epee 1 – Sophie St Clair Jones, Sophie Saudo & Hannah Nessbitt (Bronze)

Manchester Elite Epee

Another Golden weekend for Leon Paul Epee.

Owen Jordan – Gold Elite Epee Manchester
Nick Grimshaw – Gold Elite Epee U14 Manchester
Levi Randall-Morgan – Bronze Elite Epee U14 Manchester
Sophie-Ann St Clair Jones – Bronze Leon Paul Women’s Open
Congratulations to all those who fenced, supported and coached over the weekend.