Monthly Archives - July 2017

Coach Keni Report

We are steadily growing with daily training. It is reflected in the results of national competitions….

The man came back!! at City of Chichester open – 5th June

Jon Willis entered the Chichester open. He practiced for 2 months for this day and it paid off with him winning 15-14 in the semi-finals with a miracle touch one point. But in the final Jon lost against teammate Owen Jordan, Jon won the silver medal….however he is more proud for Owen’s victory. Justine Geroudet won the Women’s Epee giving Leon Paul Epee Team double Gold!! (Well done to me, coach Keni)

England Youth Championships – 17th June

Sameer Sundry-Rajan won the U10 boys epee, great fencing Sameer!  Florin Mirica won the silver U14 boys epee and Isabella Summers won silver U14 girls epee. This was a wonderful experience. They feel the success of the future

Cambridge Open – 2nd July

Tom Story won the bronze and Brendon Masterson made the L8.  This is the result that inspires club members. you can do it if you try, they showed it to us.  Keep working hard boys.

BVF Open Championships, London – 15th July

Mariette Mason won the silver medal, she always does fantastic warmup at training, young fencers take note!

Elite Epee, Newcastle – 15th &16th July

Fantastic result Jessica Gundry and Alexsandra Villa who won gold medals and silver medals in the Women’s Epee event. Amazingly the LP Junior fencers also have very nice fight. Sameer Sundry-Rajan won the boys U10 and Florin Mirica won the boys U14.

Congratulations and well done for everyone!!