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A Leon Paul Epee Summer

We experienced a wonderful summer camp for two weeks.

7-13 Aug
Leon Paul International Youth Epee & Saber Summer Camp was aimed for children aged 8-15, but it was a huge camp with more than 50 people in total of course there were many UK fencers and There were many international fencers from France, the Netherlands, Germany, Canada, Belgium, Turkey and Norway.
They had many fencing fights, group exercises and  individual lessons, also exciting games… They practised hard everyday.
There was LPJS competition on the weekend.
U11 Sammeer Sundar-rajan – Bronze
U13 Florin Mirica – Silver
U15 Omre Urmani – 11th
U13 Nil Yurtoglu – 6th
U15 Maya Baron – Bronze
U15 Nil Yurtoglu – 5th
Well done for every one and Congratulations to the medalists!  We are looking forward to seeing you again.
14-19 Aug
Many fencers have learned and gained experience at Leon Paul Epee Sparring Camp. The training camp was 4 hours a day. They repeated sparring with many fencers and different style fencers to understand various situations. They also learned tactics and techniques deeply in group exercises.
There was Leon Paul Summer Open competition on the weekend. – Leon paul epee team was fantastic result!
Mens Epee
MCGLADE Daniel – Gold
BOMBRINI Andrea – Bronze
Womens Epee
GUNDRY Jess-  Gold
Kimberley Lin Chung – Bronze
Well done for all fencer’s and Congratulations to the medallists!
Sunday night we went for a team curry.  I, Coach Keni, ordered ‘Strong Spicy Curry’ to celebrate team success.  I returned to work 2 days later!