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Belgrade Satellite

Three Leon Paul fencers represented our club and Great Britain and the weekend in Belgrade, Serbia in a Satellite tournament.
There were 53 competitor from all over the world in the women’s category. Jess Gundry started the the poule very impressive. She got 4V1D.
Jess had a very tough match in the L32 face against a Hungarian. The final score was 12-13
The men’s had a very strong turn up. 90 fencers started the poule matches in the morning where Elliott Grover finished with 4V2D and Sam Boyle got 3V3D including 2defeats with 5/4.
Sam was against with Ampalov Georges from Greek in the L64 and unfortunately he could not the right tactics against him. Final score Ampalove-Boyle 15-9
Ellitott had a warm up fight with a Serbian in the same round. Ristic – Grover 4-15
It looked the L32 is the enemy for us in Belgrade. Elliott had a same fight at the same stage like Jessica. Szalay (SVK) – Grover 12-11.
Well done for all three of you!
Full result
Men’s epee:
1. Lugones Ruggeri (ARG), 3. Macska (ROU), 3. Szlachanyi (HUN) and Dragomir (ROU), 22. Elliott Grover, 45. Sam Boyle
Women’s epee:
1. Mackinnon (CAN), 2. Budai (HUN), 3. Panuschka (AUT) and Naboiu (ROU), 21. Jessica Gundry

5x weekend competition report

Leon Paul Summer Open 
19th August 2017
Leon Paul Summer Open was the first senior open tournament of the 2017/2018 season. Could not start better than this. Nice turn up (20 Leon Paul fencer), good effort, 2 gold and 2 bronze medal. Fantastic result! Fantastic weekend!
Well done everyone!!
Full result
Mens epee:
1. Daniel McGlade, 3. Andrea Bombrini, 6. Matt Henderson, 14 Elliott Grover, 20. Idris Ali, 26. Graham Paul, 27. Tom Storey, 32. Nicholas Grimshaw, 37. Brendan Masterson, 40. Kola Ayanwale, 43. Dominic Paul, 54. Lewis Tabone, 55 Roberto Balbontin, 66. Glenn Todd
Woman’s epee:
1. Jessica Gundry, 3. Kim Chung, 6. Rania Rahardja, 9. Alessandra Villa, 17. Gabriella Ortega, 21. Mariette Mason
U20 BRC  – Bromsgrove
27th August 2017
Bromsgrove was the host town for the first U20 BRC which was a selection and ranking event for the U17 fencers as well. Lets say only a massive well done for Isabella Summers who finished in the top 8. She is 14 only! Well done Isabella.
Full result
U20 Boys:
9. Owen Jordan, 15. Paul Dominic, 21. George Morris, 22. Aurelien Degorce, 52. Grimshaw Nicholas, 67. Shahad Imthiyaz 
U20 Girls:
6. Isabella Summers, 37. Rose Grimshaw
U13 epee:
3. Raphael Degorce
Manchester U17 BRC
9-10 September 2017
Nicholas Grimshaw reached top 8 at U17 Manchester BRC. Such a great fencing from a talented young fencer. Well done Nick and congratulation for everyone who competed. 
Full result 
U17 Boys:
6. Nicholas Grimshaw, 18. Alexander Truuvert, 22. Matthew Pallud, 26. Florin Mirica, 31. Levi Randall-Morgan, 45. Rowan Fitton, 54. Shahad Imthiyaz
U17 Girls:
23. Alexandra Bousfiled, 24. Isabella Summers
Essex Open
10th September 2017
Essex Open was already the 2nd senior open competition of the new season where our Leon Paul fencers competed. It was a good turn up form the club and we got 1 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medal which is a great success. Nice job. 
Congratulations for everyone. 
Full result
Mens epee:
2. Andrea Bombrini, 3. Daniel McGlade, 8. Owen Jordan, 11. Jason Schrimshaw, Samuel Boyle, 23. Idris Ali, 25. Matt Henderson, 50. Thomas Storey, 61. Max Titmuss
Woman’s epee:
1. Saudo Sophie, 9. Allessandra Villa, 10. Jessica Gundry
Elite Epee weekend – all ages on the piste
16-17 September 2017
There was a busy weekend for the epee fencers. Many different age group competed for two days in Moulton. 
The youngsters fenced on Saturday and won 2 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medal. Great performance and good sign for the future. Well done for all of you and thank you for the parents as well for all the support. 
Sunday was a strong showing from the club with over 10 senior fencers in the competition.
However it was not the luckiest day for us. Every round had an unlucky draw that our fencers had to fight with each other. Only Owen Jordan reached the top 8 and finished at the 5th place. 
Still the beginning of the season – sleepy start: this is the performance what we are definitely going to improve.
Congratulation for everyone who competed and keep working hard!
Full result
U10 Boys:
2. Sameer Sunder-Rajan
U14 Boys:
1. Florin Mirica, 10. Levi Randall-Morgan. 
U17 Boys:
6. Alexander Truuvert, 8. Thomas Mason, 13. Dylan Ballard
U10 Girls: 
6. Jamie Summers 
U14 Gilrs:
1. Isabella Summers, 16. Maya Bayon
U17 Girls:
3. Anna May Mulkeen
Senior mens epee:
5. Owen Jordan, 11. Andrea Bombrini, 14, Samuel Boyle, 22. David Roig-Carles, 23. Idris Ali, 38. Daniel McGlade, 41. Aurelien Degorce, 49. Max Kurz Jordan, 72. Max Titmuss, 77. Harris Makatsoris, 78. Patrick Degorce