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Another Weekend, Another Success

Leon Paul Epee Club fencers competed in three different country over the weekend and claimed 1 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze medal. This is an another very successful weekend for the club however we are keep working hard and aiming for even bigger and more result.

Congratulation for the medalist and well done for everyone who competed.

Full results: 

U23 British National Championship

 Men’s epee:

Owen Jordan 2nd, Daniel McGlade 7th, George Morris 8th, 10th Dominic Paul, Samuel Boyle 17th, Aurélien Degorce 19th, Daniel Smythe 26th, Idris Ali 28th, Carlos Subramanian Vidal 30th, Dylan Ballard 31st, Owen Edwards 38th, Alexander Truuvert 41st, Thomas Mason 51st

Women’s epee:

Francesca Summers 1st, Lydia Stanier 3rd, Charlotte Summers 14th, Rose Grimshaw 21st, Amelia Dudley 39th, Maya Baron 42nd

FIE Satellite – Stockholm

Men’s epee:

Max Kurz Jordan 51st

Women’s epee:

Hannah Nesbitt 2nd, Mary Cohen 9th, Sophie Saudo 12th, Rania Rahardja 31st, Nicola Hull 36th, Kim Chung 49th, Lucy Johnson 55th

West Paris League Cup

Men’s epee:

Matthew Pallud 2nd

Great start of 2018 

Leon Paul Epee Club had a busy weekend. From the very young ones to the seniors everyone was on the piste on Saturday and Sunday.

Fencers were representing Leon Paul at LPJS in the lions cave, U20 world cup in Udine, Elite Epee from Millfield and Cambridge Open.
We claimed 3x gold, 3x silver and 1x bronze medal. Well done everyone and congratulations for the medallists. Great start of the season.

Saturday results:

Elite Epee – Millfield

U14 boys: Florin Mirica 1st

U17 boys: Dylan Ballard 1st

Women’s epee: Sophie Saudo 7th

LPJS London Epee

U9 boys: Yusuf Hussein 8th

U13 girls: Elle Makatsoris 7th, Sumayyah Hussein 8th

U15 girls: Maya Baron 6th

Junior World Cup, Udine (Italy) 

Owen Jordan 74th, George Morris 99th, Owen Edwards 113th


Sunday results:

Elite epee –  Millfield

Men’s epee: Daniel McGlade 5th, Sam Boyle 19th, Noé Ives 24th, Dylan Ballard 29th

LPJS London Epee

U11 boys: Amani Campbell-Okolo 1st, Sameer Sunder-Rajan 2nd

U13 boys: Omari Campbell-Okolo 2nd, Sameer Sunder-Rajan 3rd

Cambridge Open

Women’s epee: Sophie Saudo 2nd, Justine Geroudet 7th, Mariette Mason 17th, Laura Maciejec-Biskup 22nd

Men’s epee: Max Kurz-Jordan 12th, Daniel Smythe 16th, Giles Morris 20th, Geotge Watkins 22nd, Max Titmuss 23rd, Harris Makatsoris 29th, Brendan Masterson 53th

Youth success from Hungary – Olimpici Grand Prix 

Sameer Sunber-Rajan and Florin Mirica competed in Szolnok, Hungary at the Olimpici Grand Prix. 
Sameer won every match in both rounds of poules and all his DE fights and won the gold medal in the U10 category. 

Florin was fencing on two different category. First he competed at the U15 where he claimed a bronze medal and and later fenced with the U14 boys and came 6th

Congratulation for both of them!