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Fighting February

2 weekends, 5 countries, 8 tournaments, 49 entries.

England, Wales, Spain, Hungary, Switzerland were the host countries in the last two weekend where our fencers competed at different selection and ranking events. Such a great commitment and effort from Leon Paul fencers. We are very proud for all the athletes who were travelling and competing.


Congratulations for the medallist and well done everyone. Come on Leon Paul!


Full results:

Merseyside Open

Men’s Epee

  1. Noe Ives, 5. Samuel Boyle, 6. Owen Jordan, 12. Hugh Kernohan, 25. Owen Edwards, 28. George Watkins, 56. Mirica Florin

Women’s Epee

  1. Justine Geroudet, 5. Nicola Hull, 14 Rose Grimshaw, 41. Mariette Mason


Wales BYC Qualifiers

Dylan Ballard


LPJS – Cornwall


  1. Amani Campbell-Okolo


  1. Omari Campbell-Okolo


Women’s Epee – Barcelona WC

  1. Isabel Di Tella, 214 Rania Rahardja


Pentathlon selection


  1. Thomas Toolis


3. Zoe Davison, 4. Francesca Summers


Youth pentathlon selection


  1. James Wilton, 5. Tom Wilton, 21. Shahad Imthiyaz


  1. Alexandra Bousfield, 6.  Isabella Summers


Elite Epee 


  1. Daniel McGlade, 10. Andrea Bombrini, 18. Chris Hay, 21. William Sturgeon, 24. Idris Ali, 25. Sam Boyle, 33. Owen Edwards, 38. Max Titmuss, 46. Graham Paul, 50. Hugh Kernohan, 60. Dylan Ballard, 66. Tom Storey, 75. Harris Makatsoris

U10 Girls

  1. Zina Suresh

U12 Girls

  1. Zoya Suresh

U14 Girls

  1. Lauren Ryder-Garcia

U10 Boys

  1. Zehen Suresh

U14 Boys

  1. Florin Mirica, 3. Louis Taiwo-Williams🥉

U17 Boys

  1. Dylan Ballard


Budapest International competition


  1. Sameer Sunder-Rajan


U20 Men’s World Cup – Basel, Switzerland

  1. Owen Jordan, 103. Max Kurz Jordan, 143. Aurélien Degorce, 160. George Morris


  1. GBR (Owen Jordan, George Morris)


European Fencing Team Cup – Italy

Following the Leon Paul Epee Club victory at the British Women’s National Team Championships our ladies qualified for the Europe Fencing Club Cup. This is a very prestigious tournament with all the top fencers and clubs from all over Europe. 
Leon Paul had a very strong poule, fencing together with Italy, Ukraine and Finland. The team finished the poule with 1V-2D.
After the poule matches Leon Paul fenced against that same Ukrainian team in the L16. In the first round the Ukrainian team won by two hits but this time, with new tactics, Leon Paul dominated and in strong fight we beat Ukraine and qualified to the top 8.
The next match was again a tough draw but this is the tournament where only top elite fencers and clubs are compere so there is no easy match. This time we faced against Italy and lost 27-45. 
This result means that  Leon Paul Women’s Epee Team finished top 8 in Europe. 
This is a fantastic result, we are super proud for you Ladies! CONGRATULATIONS!!
Final result:
1. Russia – Team Russia
2. Russia – Samara
3. Italy – Fiamme Oro
8. Great Britain – Leon Paul Epee (Georgina Usher, Sophie Saudo, Francesca Summers, Mary Cohen)