Junior Medals & Paul’s Cafe

U23 British Championships

In the Men’s event Truuvert and Jordan performed exceptionally in the initial poule round winning five and four fights out of six respectively. To add to this nearly all Leon Paul fencers were distributed in the top half of the seedings ahead of the direct elimination round. Scott-Payne, Jordan, Degorce and Truuvert all qualified through the L64. Despite the L32 proving to be the end of the road for Truuvert and Scott-Payne, Jordan and Degorce displayed dominance, their opponents scoring no more than 10 hits on them. Unfortunately, the L8 concluded Jordan’s day, he fell to East, 11-15. Degorce dispatched Stigant in the L8 before losing to Andrews in the final, in the process winning his first medal in this age group.

The following day, four Leon Paul fencers tried their hand in the Women’s event. Once again, they showcased a good performance in the poule round, all seeding in the top half of the field. A highlight was Dudley’s performance, she won all but one of her poule matches despite the fact she is in her first year of fencing in the Junior (U20) age group and competing against older and more experienced fencers. Summers and Dudley both made the L16, but Summers was subsequently beaten by Sica, 12-15. In a nail-biting battle with WFFC’s Grant, Dudley fought her way into the L8, the final score reading 15-14. She was then beaten by Stanier in the quarter finals, who went on to win the silver medal.
Coach Keni had this to say ‘Our club fencers are fighting nicely in five-point poule matches. The problem is that our fencers are losing more 15-point matches then they should be. Even though their opponents are seeded lower, we are still losing! Maybe this is an issue with tactics, maybe stamina or possibly the psychology of the match. In training there will be an extra focus to change this. Congratulations to Aurelien on his medal!’.

Please see below for full results of Leon Paul Epee fencers:

Women’s: 6th Amelia Dudley, 14th Francesca Summers, 18th Eleanor Taylor, 21st Henriette Hadalin

Men’s: 3rd Aurelien Degorce, 6th Owen Jordan, 20th Alexander Truuvert, 27th Edward Scott-Payne, 33rd Owen Edwards, 35th Dylan Ballard, 46th Thomas Wilton

LPJS Fairfield Epee

Even though there was a smaller field when compared to other LPJS competitions, our Leon Paul Epee Junior fencers performed at a high level nonetheless. In the U13 Boys category Sunder-Rajan, Campbell-Okolo and Jones all put into practise what they have been recently learning in training sessions. Jones achieved a L8 finish and Sunder-Rajan and Amani met in the final of the competition with Sunder-Rajan emerging as the winner of the competition. In the age group above (U15) Campbell Okolo won silver, narrowly missing out on gold in the final.

Jon Willis commented ‘the heart and soul of any fencing club is it’s junior section and it’s good to see the medal factory in full production.’

Please see below for full results:

U13 Boys: 1st Sameer Sunder-Rajan, 2nd Amani Campbell-Okolo, 5th Casey Jones

U15 Boys: 2nd Omari Campbell-Okolo

Eastern Region BYC Qualifiers

Lauren Ryder-Garcia won her event in the Eastern Region qualifiers and secured her place in this year’s British Youth Championships which will be held at Sheffield in May. Congratulations Lauren!

London Region Novice Epee

Congratulations to Jeremy and George for their medals in the novice Epee and well done to Roberto for his good placing in the intermediate competition.

Coach Keni commented ‘We are so proud of their results. They have been working very hard, always lesson, always sparring and they challenge the monthly club competition which is a great way for beginners to gain competitive fencing experience in a friendly and relaxed environment. The next step is domestic competitions, hopefully they can be equally successful in those.’

Please see below for full results:

Men’s Intermediate: 7th Roberto Balbontin

Men’s Novice: 1st Jeremy Baker, 3rd George Dunmow

Surrey Youth Championships & Portugal European Fencing Circuit Competition

Sameer and Casey won gold and silver respectively in Surrey. Over in Portugal, Omari added to Leon Paul Epee successes when he achieved a bronze medal in an U14 European Fencing Circuit competition to nicely round of January, a month of fantastic results.

LPJS London Epee

It was another fantastic weekend for our Junior Club fencers. At our home venue over the two days we secured one bronze, three silver and two gold medals. Many high placings were also achieved, highlighted in the U13 Boys category which saw 5 of our fencers in the last 8. Tristan Lumineau not only came second in his age group (U13), he seconded this with another silver medal the following day fencing in the U15’s, the age group above him, only being beaten by fellow Leon Paul fencer, Omari who improved on his silver in Fairfield two weeks prior.

Another highlight was Sameer’s performance, he went undefeated in eight poule matches and five direct elimination matches, well done Sameer! Not to be outdone, Jamie Summers picked up a bronze in the U11’s and Zoya Suresh won silver in the U13’s. Well done to everyone who got involved and helped create great team spirit over the two days!

Please see below for full results of Leon Paul Epee fencers:

U11 Boys: 10th Zehen Suresh, 18th Leonardo Spina

U11 Girls: 3rd Jamie Summers, 6th Eloise Kumba-Kohen, 8th Zina Suresh
U13 Boys: 1st Sameer Sunder-Rajan, 2nd Tristan Lumineau, 6th Casey Jones, 7th Amani Campbell-Okolo, 8th Maximilian Awuma-Hamilton, 22nd Jack Fan, 32nd Maximilian Papasavvas, 39th Ludovic Freeman

U13 Girls: 2nd Zoya Suresh

U15 Boys: 1st Omari Campbell-Okolo, 2nd Tristan Lumineau

U15 Girls: 7th Juliet Lumineau, 16th Alice King, 17th Clara Spina

Paul’s Café

The parents of Salle Paul Foil Club have set up ‘Paul’s Café’ which provides catering at LPJS and other competitions at the Leon Paul Fencing Centre. All proceeds will subsidise competition coaching and club tracksuits.

As part of Paul’s Café, any parents are free to use the bean-to-cup coffee machine in the meeting room. Please bring your own mug to lower the use of disposable cups. We recommend putting £1 in the red honesty box next to the machine.

Cakes and other goodies will usually be around on the Monday & Tuesday after a catered event. Again, we ask parents to make a voluntary contribution and help themselves.

Happy New Year!

Leon Paul Epee begun the year as they intend to continue with fencers securing medals of various colours in numerous competitions last weekend. It was great to see everyone getting involved whether it was across the country in Millfield for the first Elite Epee of the season or closer to home, in Cambridge, for a suitably fitting winter tournament.

Leon Paul U17 Cadet BRC

Henriette, Eleanor and Lauren set the ball rolling for the weekend with solid L8, L16 and L64 finishes respectively. Even though Lauren is new to this age group she gave older and more experienced fencers a run for their money. Henriette was eventually eliminated in the quarter final by Krzyzaniak who went on to win the competition.

The boy’s event ensued and saw Florin take the gold medal with more high placings throughout. In the quarter finals Florin edged past teammate, Alex Truuvert, before eliminating Larousse and then Taiwo-Williams in the final. There are currently five Leon Paul fencers in the top ten of the national U17 cadet rankings. You can view these here: https://francisfencing.org.uk

Well done to everyone that competed and congratulations Florin on your gold medal!
Please see below for final placings of Leon Paul fencers:

Girls: 8th Henriette Hadalin, 16th Eleanor Taylor, 34th Lauren Ryder-Garcia

Boys: 1st Florin Mirica, 6th Alexander Truuvert, 10th Ed Scott-Payne, 27th Omari Campbell-Okolo

Cambridge Winter Tournament 2019

Please see below for full results of club members:

Men’s: 11th Simon Pink, 12th Graham Paul, 21st Jeremy Baker, 25th Pete Eames, 29th Harris Makatsoris, 55th George Dunmow

Women’s: 2nd Alessandra Villa, 3rd Eleanor Taylor

Elite Epee Millfield – Event 1

Adding to the medal haul, Andrea, Will, Zina, Jess, Amani, Casey, Omari, Zehen and Florin all brought home medals.

Coach Keni commented “We are proud of our junior fencer’s results. We got three gold, two silver and one bronze medal. It’s a good sign that our fencers are meeting each other in the latter stages of tournaments as they are knocking out fencers from other clubs first. This proves that Leon Paul are number one!”

Please see below for full results of Leon Paul fencers:

Senior Mens: 1st Andrea Bombrini, 3rd Will Sturgeon, 8th George Watkins
Senior Womens: 2nd Jess Gundry, 5th Alessandra Villa, 6th Sophie Saudo

Boys U10: 3rd Zehen Suresh
Girls U10: 2nd Zina Suresh
Boys U12: 1st, Casey Jones, 2nd Amani Campbell-Okolo
Boys U14: 1st Omari Campbell-Okolo
Girls U14: 15th Zoya Suresh
Boys U17: 1st Florin Mirica

Please follow this link for full results: https://epee.me/liveResults/2019%20Elite%20Epee%201%20(M,W.JS,V)%20Millfield/index.htm

Mid November News

Elite Epee Events weekend round up

As the season dies down as we approach the new year, twelve of our fencers headed up to Manchester for the Elite Epee Events Weekend. The team did not fail to deliver good results with Sameer, Tristan, Ed and Omari all winning medals in their respective junior categories. In addition, we also had lots of high final placements with Zina, Zehen and Zoya all making the last 8 round. Leon Paul Epee are currently smashing it in the club medal standings with twelve more overall medals than the current runner up, Bath Sword Club.

In the Senior Elite Epee Open, Boris Shu Ching Wong was the sole Leon Paul fencer in a field of 34. Boris secured two victories in the first poule round leading to him being seeded 22nd entering the DE’s. Boris had a bye through the table of 64 before knocking Chun Ho Jonathan Cheng out of the competition in a decisive 15-12 victory. Boris was then eliminated by Callum Sutherland in the round of 16.

Other Competitions

Leon Paul Epee success in Manchester was then followed up with even more podium finishes as Amelia Dudley and Florin Mirica won the Tonbridge School Open and Romanian National U16 championships respectively. Closer to home, Pete Eames and Alexander Seale both medalled at the Civil Service National Epee Championships.

Coach Keni commented “The Junior Epee Club has grown up now, as a club we are currently ranked first in the LPJS club medal standings. More now than ever we work hard. Leon Paul club fencers are meeting each other in the semi-finals and finals of competitions, this shows we are doing something right as these are top positions. For example, last weekend Ed met Omari in the final of the U14 Elite Epee. This is competition, sometimes winning sometimes losing. If you want gold, you have to work harder.”

Congratulations to the medallists and to everyone that competed!

Leon Paul’s partnership with FIE charity

Recently there have been some kind donations of second-hand equipment to the club. Any donations of old/ unwanted fencing kit can be made to the fencing centre office and would be appreciated. In March 2019 we will be shipping a load of this kit to Torun where a collection event will take place for the FIE charity which is devoted to providing fencing kit which is safe and in good condition to people who can’t afford their own in developing countries.

“In order for the fencing world to progress as a whole, solidarity between the strong and the weak is an undeniable requisite, whether it be between continents, federations or athletes.
This vision must become real. Our common singular motto: fencing together, universal fencing.” – FIE

Please see below for the full results:

Elite Epee Events Weekend

Girls U10
5th, Zina Suresh

Boys U10
6th Zehen Suresh

Girls U12
5th, Zoya Suresh

Boys U12
2nd, Sameer Sunder-Rajan. 3rd, Tristan Lumineau. 13T, Casey Jones. 15th, Amani Campbell-Okolo

Girls U14
17th, Juliet Lumineau

Boys U14
1st, Ed Scott-Payne. 2nd, Omari Campbell Okolo. 12th Aedyn Pratley

Senior Men’s Epee
15th, Boris Shu Ching Wong

You can view the complete results including the poules and DE’s by following this link:
Elite Epee Manchester 2018 Results

Civil Service National Epee Championships

3rd, Pete Eames. 2nd, Alexander Seale.

November Fireworks

The Welsh Open

Congratulations to Sophie Saudo who claimed gold this weekend across the border! After a strong poule she was seeded 14th going into the DE’s. Sophie then took victories over Alex Powel, Natalya Coyle, Niamh Noble and Danielle Lawson. She then dispatched Laura Sheffield in the semi-final before securing a 15-13 victory over Avery Louis in the final.

The Leon Paul women performed very well in general with Justine Geroudet achieving a L16 and lots of L32 finishes.

These great results set the ball rolling for Sunday which saw Elliot Grover taking bronze. Elliot is currently ranked 7th in the national rankings and will continue to represent GBR at international competitions this season. Owen Jordan achieved a last 32 finish. Owen Edwards, George Watkins, Sam Boyle, Aurelien DeGorce, Ed Scott Payne, Will Sturgeon, Dylan Ballard and Graham Paul all made the last 64.

Cocks Moors Woods Epee Championships

A big congratulations goes to Casey who won the U11 Boys category.

In the Mens senior open event Max Kurz Jordan showcased a very strong poule round which led him to be seeded 1st going into the DE’s. Unfortunately Max was eliminated in the L32 round 15-14 by Paul Hodgson.

LPJS Millfield Epee

Congratulations to Amani and Tristan who took the gold in the U11’s and the bronze in the U13’s respectively.

Please see the full results below:

Welsh Open – Women’s Epee

1st Sophie Saudo 13th Justine Geroudet 17th Eleanor Taylor 28th Francesca Summers 31st Amelia Dudley 32nd Gabriella Ortega 35th Isabella Summers 40th Nicola Hull 52nd Kim Chung 67th Mariette Mason

Welsh Open – Men’s Epee

3rd Elliot Grover 27th Owen Jordan 35th Owen Edwards 38th George Watkins 39T Sam Boyle 44th Aurelien DeGorge 45th Edward Scott Payne 50th Will Sturgeon 52nd Dylan Ballard 55th Graham Paul

Cocks Moors Woods Epee Championships

U11 Boys
1st Casey Jones

Senior Mens
17th Max Kurz-Jordan

LPJS Millfield Epee

U11 Boys
1st Amani Campbell-Okolo

U13 Boys
3rd Tristan Lumineau 5th Omari Campbell-Okolo

U13 Girls
9th Lauren Ryder-Garcia 20th Juliet Lumineau

U15 Girls
7th Alice King

Well done everyone, it’s great to see the hard work paying off!

Warm results on a cold weekend

Elite Epee

Our junior fencers were not fazed by an especially spooky weekend as more great results were kickstarted by Zoya Suresh and Tristan Lumineau securing silver in addition to Sameer Sunder-Rajan claiming gold in the Surrey Elite Epee Junior Series event.

Even though the senior men’s epee event saw Leon Paul take home no more medals, Idiris Ali, Matt Henderson, Sam Boyle and Jason Scrimshaw all achieved a solid last 16 finish which acts as great foundation for the rest of the season.

“Our top fencer didn’t fence as he was injured so there were a small number of Leon Paul fencers entered. Matt Henderson, Sam Boyle and Jason Scrimshaw got through first poule with no losses. From last 64, top 16 fencers joined. It was unlucky for Sammy and Matt as well as Owen and Jason to fence each other in the 64.” – Coach Keni

Junior Men’s & Women’s BRC 2

Congratulations to Isabella Summers who claimed gold by winning 13-12 in a nail biting final. Isabella is now ranked second in the Cadet (U17 )British rankings and will represent Great Britain alongside Eleanor Taylor at Grenoble and Heidenheim next month.

Coach Keni commented “Our club girls are mostly cadets so did well to challenge a junior competition. They all had tough poule matches, they all dropped one or two victories. They fenced in a very hard tournament! Henriette lost one-point match, but Amelia Dudley knocked the same fencer out next round, so we got two fencers into the last 8. Isabelle Summers is 15 years old and beat the British cadet champion in the semi-final and then the British junior champion in the final. Our new generation team is very strong.”

The men’s event saw some more disappointing results with all fencers being knocked out before the round of 16, but this gives them a lot to build on in preparation for the next junior ranking event, the Welsh Open, in November.

(See below for detailed results)

Senior Men’s Elite Epee

11th Idiris Ali 12th Matt Henderson 13th Sam Boyle 15th Jason Scrimshaw 33rd Hugh Kernohan
34th Owen Edwards 55th Daniel Smythe 73rd Harris Makatsoris

Elite Epee Junior Series

U17 Boys
5th Dylan Ballard

U14 Boys
7th Omari Campbell-Okolo

U14 Girls
11th Lauren Ryder-Garcia 19th Juliet Lumineau

U12 Boys
1st Sameer Sunder-Rajan 2nd Tristan Lumineau 8th Casey Jones

U12 Girls
2nd Zoya Suresh

U10 Boys
8th Zehen Suresh

U10 Girls
14th Zina Suresh

Junior Women’s BRC 2

1st Isabella Summers 7th Amelia Dudley 12th Eleanor Taylor 13th Henriette Hadalin
28th Alex Bousfield 57th Alice King

Junior Men’s BRC 2

21st Ed Scott-Payne 24th Alex Truuvert 38th Dylan Ballard

Well done to everyone who competed this weekend and congratulations to the medallist’s.

British Men’s Team Epee Championships 2018

Five Leon Paul teams competed in this year’s Team Championships. Leon Paul regained the title of Natioanl Champions with a second win in three years. This year we welcomed multiple world cup winner, Bas Verwijlen, into the first team. It’s safe to say everyone learned something by watching Bas fence, he demonstrated immense skill and expertise albeit remaining extremely modest at the same time.

The initial round of poules saw Leon Paul 1 and 2 win all of their matches. Leon Paul 3 won one match and Leon Paul 4 and 5 narrowly missed out on securing a win. Our youngest team, Leon Paul 3 consisting of Mattieu Pallud, Refe Tant, Owen Edwards and Ed Scott-Payne, took Haverstock A to 40-40 before being pipped to the post with a close final score of 45-41. Well done for a slick performance guys, we are sure you will steal the win next year!

Leon Paul Epee 1 unluckily met Leon Paul Epee 3 and knocked them out in the first round of DE’s before comfortably beating Redhill & Reigate Epee Club 45-37 in the semi-finals. Following an upset where Brixton B knocked out Brixton A in the round of 8, Leon Paul Epee 1 faced Brixton B in the final. They took the lead early on and despite the score being neck and neck at points, with a excellent performance from Brixton’s Will East, the final score was 45-33 in favour of Leon Paul Epee 1.

Final positions

1st Leon Paul Epee 1 (Matt Henderson, Owen Jordan, Dom Paul and Bas Verwijlen)
6th Leon Paul Epee 2 (Sam Boyle, Elliot Grover, Satya Gunput and Dan McGlade)
8th Leon Paul Epee 3 (Owen Edwards, Matthieu Pallud, Edward Scott-Payne and Refe Tant)
12th Leon Paul Epee 4 (Kola Ayanwale, Sammy Chan, Lewis Tabone and Boris Wong)
14th Leon Paul Epee 5 (Roberto Balbontin, Pete Eames, Harris Makatsoris and Andriy Malosnyak)

Well done everyone who fenced and to Keni and Bence. The club success is only made possible with their continued hard work.

Sensational September

The 2018-2019 season has begun with a flurry of fantastic results. Leon Paul Epee fencers of all ages have found success at competitions ranging from Boys U12 Elite Epee Moulton to The Hampshire Veterans Open. This success has been catalysed by both the continued hard work of Kenichi Yamamoto and the arrival of our new coach, Bence Juhasz.

Coach Keni commented “After the summer, we start the season again. We have had a hard schedule, each category had weekend competition. The youngest fencers had three consecutive weeks of competitions, but we got good results and many medals! This is the result from a hard summer of training but still we have just begun season many of our fencers are training for Commonwealths and World Cups.”

Certainly, The Cadet & Junior British Championships, carrying a large amount of national ranking points, was a very important competition for our younger fencers. Some highlights were Nick Grimshaw winning a bronze medal and Ed Scott-Payne, Isabella Summers and Eleanor Taylor all achieving a quarter-final finish. Congratulations!

See below for further details on results:

Cadet & Junior British Championships – Nottingham

U17 Boys
3. Nick Grimshaw 5. Ed Scott-Payne 18. Alex Truuvert 41. Levi Randall-Morgan 53. Aedyn Pratley

U17 Girls
5. Isabella Summers 6. Eleanor Taylor 29. Lauren Ryder-Garcia

U20 Boys
14. Dom Paul 16. Dylan Ballard 20. Alex Truuvert 25. Edward Scott-Payne 42. Levi Randall-Morgan 53. Thomas Mason 68. Nick Grimshaw

U20 Girls
6. Eleanor Taylor 26. Isabella Summers 34. Rose Grimshaw 45. Amelia Dudley 52. Lauren Ryder-Garcia

Hampshire Senior Open

9. George Watkins

2. Amelia Dudley 8. Mariette Mason

Hampshire Veterans Open

3. Kola Ayanwale

1. Mariette Mason

BRC Nottingham

U17 Girls
1.Isabella Summers 3. Eleanor Taylor 17. Lauren Ryder-Garcia

U17 boys
11. Ed Scott-Payne 12T. Alex Truuvert 21. Florin Mirica 37. Omari Campbell-Okolo 41. Levi Randall-Morgan 46. Aedyn Pratley

Well done to Matthieu Pallud who placed 17th in the latest French ranking competition.

South East Region win the Veteran’s Winton Cup

Congratulations to Leon Paul fencers Kola Ayanwale, Nicola Broad-Bartlett and Mariette Mason for their contribution to this great achievement.

EYCs 1 Year On

The Leon Paul Epee Junior Club has really grown in the last 12 months. Seeing all the fencers at this years England Youth Championships (EYCs) was fantastic.

We have added a new coach to our team. Mr Sam Boyle, still an active fencer,
has began studying coaching from this year and will be working along side Keni, David & Jon learning his trade.

Coach Kenichi Yamamoto says “He has a lot of trust from young students and gives advice from the fencer’s point of view. He lead to victory we got new strength!”

“Sammer and Edward were able to have a wonderful result of winning the title. Also Isabella won a silver medal.”

“Other players could not win medals this time, but they are surely growing. I am looking forward to the next success of Leonpaul epee Junior team.”

Well done to everyone who fencer and thank to the coaching staff for their continued hard work.


Sameer SUNDER-RAJAN – 1st


Edward SCOTT PAYNE – 1st
Florin MIRICA – 5th
Aedyn Pratley – 45th

Eloise KOHEN – 11th

Lauren RYDER-GARCIA – 13th
Zoya SURESH – 16th

Isabella SUMMERS – 2nd
Henriette HADALIN – 25th

Better Never Stops

No rest. No “off season”. No excuse. Leon Paul fencers are training really hard and the hard work always pays off.
Our club fencers had a very busy weekend again. Fencers traveled all around the country and the word and did bring shiny medals home.
We are very proud for all of the athletes. Well done Everyone.

South American Games
Isabel Di Tella came 1st in the individual and 2nd with Argentina in the team event.
Fantastic result. Congratulations Isabel and good luck next week in the Pan American Championship.

African Championship – Tunis
Satya Gunput came back with a 9th place from the 2018 African Championship. He came 2nd a year ago in the senior men’s epee category so he is not very happy with this result and now even more focused and motivation for the upcoming World Championship in China.

Hong Kong National Championship
22. Shu Ching Boris Wong

5th Leon Paul Cadet Epee Open
1. Florin Mirica, 5. Louis Taiwo-Williams, 9. Edward Scott Payne, 17. Aedyn Pratley, 19. Marco Castelli
Great fencing and a well deserved gold medal Florin.

11. Maya Baron, 18. Lauren Ryder-Garcia

Bexley Open
2. Kola Ayanwale
Such a great result Kola. Congratulations!

Veteran National Championship – Manchester
THREE National veterans champions (out of a possible 8) today at Manchester: Kola, having driven up the previous day from The Bexley Open in Kent where he had won the silver medal, then became National Champion the Vets Cat A, Nicky also became National Champion in Vets Cat A, and Hugh completed a hat-trick of wins by becoming National Champion Cat C. Great day all round. – Pete Eames report.

Men’s epee
2. Hugh Kernohan, 5. Kola Ayanwale, 8. Pete Eames, 31. Todd Glenn

Hugh already qualified for the next Veteran World Championship before this event but he needed to win his age group on the nationals to qualify for the team event too. Job done. He came first in his category and now we are waiting for the official selection.
Congratulations Hugh!

Women’s epee
1. Nicola Hull

Congratulation for all the medalist and well done for everyone.

Young and Veteran fencers’ success

Leon Paul Epee Club Juniors were really active in the last few weeks. They competed in many different tournaments and claimed great results for themselves and Leon Paul. We are really proud for all of them as they fenced in big competitions such as BYC and many LPJS event. Congartulations for the medalists and well done for everyone who competed.
We are very close to the end of the season but the youngsters still have a few competition left like the 5th Leon Paul Cadet or the England Youth Championship. We are hoping for many good result from these tournaments.

Holland was the host country for the European Veteran Team Championship where the British team came 3rd. Leon Paul Epee Club had two fencer in the team. Congratulations for Hugh Kernohan and Graham Paul for this fantastic result.

Please see detailed results here:

British Youth Championship 2018

U12 boys
1. Sameer Sunder Rajan, 14. Amani Campbell-Okolo

U12 girls
7. Zoya Suresh

U14 boys
1. Florin Mirica, 3. Louis Taiwo, 17. Omari Campbell-Okolo

U14 girls
13. Lauren Ryder-Garcia

U16 boys
3. Matthieu Pallud, 31. Levi Randall-Morgen

U16 girls
3. Henriette Hadalin, 5. Eleanor Taylor

U18 girls
8. Amelia Dudley

U18 boys
15. Dylan Ballard

Leon Paul Junior Serious – Cardiff

U11 boys
1. Amani Cambell-Okolo

U13 boys
1. Omari Cambell-Okolo

Leon Paul Junior Serious – Fairfield

Under 11 boys
1. Amani Campbell-Okolo

Under 13 boys
1. Omari Campbell-Okolo

Under 13 girls
3. Lauren Ryder-Garcia

Leon Paul Junior Serious – Manchester

U11 boys
1. Amani Campbell-Okolo

U13 boys
3. Omari Campbell-Okolo

Eastern Region Senior Championship

Pete Eames and Lauren Ryder-Garcia got bronze medal at the Eastern Region Senior Championships. Such a great result. Congratulations!

European Veterans Team Championship

“The oldies on the road: Graham Paul and Hugh Kernohan on the podium with Bronze medals (and tulips) at the European Veterans Team Championships in Alkmaar in the Netherlands. Lost 37-45 to Italy in the semi and beat Germany 45-41 to take third place.” – Hugh Kernohan