Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Leon Paul Epee begun the year as they intend to continue with fencers securing medals of various colours in numerous competitions last weekend. It was great to see everyone getting involved whether it was across the country in Millfield for the first Elite Epee of the season or closer to home, in Cambridge, for a suitably fitting winter tournament.

Leon Paul U17 Cadet BRC

Henriette, Eleanor and Lauren set the ball rolling for the weekend with solid L8, L16 and L64 finishes respectively. Even though Lauren is new to this age group she gave older and more experienced fencers a run for their money. Henriette was eventually eliminated in the quarter final by Krzyzaniak who went on to win the competition.

The boy’s event ensued and saw Florin take the gold medal with more high placings throughout. In the quarter finals Florin edged past teammate, Alex Truuvert, before eliminating Larousse and then Taiwo-Williams in the final. There are currently five Leon Paul fencers in the top ten of the national U17 cadet rankings. You can view these here: https://francisfencing.org.uk

Well done to everyone that competed and congratulations Florin on your gold medal!
Please see below for final placings of Leon Paul fencers:

Girls: 8th Henriette Hadalin, 16th Eleanor Taylor, 34th Lauren Ryder-Garcia

Boys: 1st Florin Mirica, 6th Alexander Truuvert, 10th Ed Scott-Payne, 27th Omari Campbell-Okolo

Cambridge Winter Tournament 2019

Please see below for full results of club members:

Men’s: 11th Simon Pink, 12th Graham Paul, 21st Jeremy Baker, 25th Pete Eames, 29th Harris Makatsoris, 55th George Dunmow

Women’s: 2nd Alessandra Villa, 3rd Eleanor Taylor

Elite Epee Millfield – Event 1

Adding to the medal haul, Andrea, Will, Zina, Jess, Amani, Casey, Omari, Zehen and Florin all brought home medals.

Coach Keni commented “We are proud of our junior fencer’s results. We got three gold, two silver and one bronze medal. It’s a good sign that our fencers are meeting each other in the latter stages of tournaments as they are knocking out fencers from other clubs first. This proves that Leon Paul are number one!”

Please see below for full results of Leon Paul fencers:

Senior Mens: 1st Andrea Bombrini, 3rd Will Sturgeon, 8th George Watkins
Senior Womens: 2nd Jess Gundry, 5th Alessandra Villa, 6th Sophie Saudo

Boys U10: 3rd Zehen Suresh
Girls U10: 2nd Zina Suresh
Boys U12: 1st, Casey Jones, 2nd Amani Campbell-Okolo
Boys U14: 1st Omari Campbell-Okolo
Girls U14: 15th Zoya Suresh
Boys U17: 1st Florin Mirica

Please follow this link for full results: https://epee.me/liveResults/2019%20Elite%20Epee%201%20(M,W.JS,V)%20Millfield/index.htm

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