Sensational September

Sensational September

The 2018-2019 season has begun with a flurry of fantastic results. Leon Paul Epee fencers of all ages have found success at competitions ranging from Boys U12 Elite Epee Moulton to The Hampshire Veterans Open. This success has been catalysed by both the continued hard work of Kenichi Yamamoto and the arrival of our new coach, Bence Juhasz.

Coach Keni commented “After the summer, we start the season again. We have had a hard schedule, each category had weekend competition. The youngest fencers had three consecutive weeks of competitions, but we got good results and many medals! This is the result from a hard summer of training but still we have just begun season many of our fencers are training for Commonwealths and World Cups.”

Certainly, The Cadet & Junior British Championships, carrying a large amount of national ranking points, was a very important competition for our younger fencers. Some highlights were Nick Grimshaw winning a bronze medal and Ed Scott-Payne, Isabella Summers and Eleanor Taylor all achieving a quarter-final finish. Congratulations!

See below for further details on results:

Cadet & Junior British Championships – Nottingham

U17 Boys
3. Nick Grimshaw 5. Ed Scott-Payne 18. Alex Truuvert 41. Levi Randall-Morgan 53. Aedyn Pratley

U17 Girls
5. Isabella Summers 6. Eleanor Taylor 29. Lauren Ryder-Garcia

U20 Boys
14. Dom Paul 16. Dylan Ballard 20. Alex Truuvert 25. Edward Scott-Payne 42. Levi Randall-Morgan 53. Thomas Mason 68. Nick Grimshaw

U20 Girls
6. Eleanor Taylor 26. Isabella Summers 34. Rose Grimshaw 45. Amelia Dudley 52. Lauren Ryder-Garcia

Hampshire Senior Open

9. George Watkins

2. Amelia Dudley 8. Mariette Mason

Hampshire Veterans Open

3. Kola Ayanwale

1. Mariette Mason

BRC Nottingham

U17 Girls
1.Isabella Summers 3. Eleanor Taylor 17. Lauren Ryder-Garcia

U17 boys
11. Ed Scott-Payne 12T. Alex Truuvert 21. Florin Mirica 37. Omari Campbell-Okolo 41. Levi Randall-Morgan 46. Aedyn Pratley

Well done to Matthieu Pallud who placed 17th in the latest French ranking competition.

South East Region win the Veteran’s Winton Cup

Congratulations to Leon Paul fencers Kola Ayanwale, Nicola Broad-Bartlett and Mariette Mason for their contribution to this great achievement.

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