Young and Veteran fencers’ success

Young and Veteran fencers’ success

Leon Paul Epee Club Juniors were really active in the last few weeks. They competed in many different tournaments and claimed great results for themselves and Leon Paul. We are really proud for all of them as they fenced in big competitions such as BYC and many LPJS event. Congartulations for the medalists and well done for everyone who competed.
We are very close to the end of the season but the youngsters still have a few competition left like the 5th Leon Paul Cadet or the England Youth Championship. We are hoping for many good result from these tournaments.

Holland was the host country for the European Veteran Team Championship where the British team came 3rd. Leon Paul Epee Club had two fencer in the team. Congratulations for Hugh Kernohan and Graham Paul for this fantastic result.

Please see detailed results here:

British Youth Championship 2018

U12 boys
1. Sameer Sunder Rajan, 14. Amani Campbell-Okolo

U12 girls
7. Zoya Suresh

U14 boys
1. Florin Mirica, 3. Louis Taiwo, 17. Omari Campbell-Okolo

U14 girls
13. Lauren Ryder-Garcia

U16 boys
3. Matthieu Pallud, 31. Levi Randall-Morgen

U16 girls
3. Henriette Hadalin, 5. Eleanor Taylor

U18 girls
8. Amelia Dudley

U18 boys
15. Dylan Ballard

Leon Paul Junior Serious – Cardiff

U11 boys
1. Amani Cambell-Okolo

U13 boys
1. Omari Cambell-Okolo

Leon Paul Junior Serious – Fairfield

Under 11 boys
1. Amani Campbell-Okolo

Under 13 boys
1. Omari Campbell-Okolo

Under 13 girls
3. Lauren Ryder-Garcia

Leon Paul Junior Serious – Manchester

U11 boys
1. Amani Campbell-Okolo

U13 boys
3. Omari Campbell-Okolo

Eastern Region Senior Championship

Pete Eames and Lauren Ryder-Garcia got bronze medal at the Eastern Region Senior Championships. Such a great result. Congratulations!

European Veterans Team Championship

“The oldies on the road: Graham Paul and Hugh Kernohan on the podium with Bronze medals (and tulips) at the European Veterans Team Championships in Alkmaar in the Netherlands. Lost 37-45 to Italy in the semi and beat Germany 45-41 to take third place.” – Hugh Kernohan

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